Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blurred Perspective of Beauty

Blurred Perspective
Confession, this is not my best shot, but I love what it made me think of.

We all prefer to see things clearly. We want to be able to understand and see where we are now and what is going on. We also want to see the road ahead and know where we are going clearly. Hell, sometimes it is nice to look back and see and understand where we were and why.

We get so frustrated that we cannot see clearly that we miss the wonder of the blurred perspective. In this shot I am in a lovely garden in a bird conservatory behind a waterfall. If I allow myself the blurred perspective and accept it, I will smell the water from the fall as it pours down. I will feel gentle droplets splash on my ankles and feet, I will take in the pure oxygen and the freshness of the air and feel the natural light on the back of my head helping generate endorphins that are a natural anti depressant activating the body's opiate receptors.  

If I allow myself this acceptance in the blurry perspective of beauty, the past will not matter and I will be far better prepared to handle the road ahead because anxiety will not hinder me with a refreshed mind and invigorated body. 

My friendships are dear to me. If I call you friend, then you are in a very special place in my heart. My friend, Deanna, calls it my inner circle. It is a small and beautiful space. I have a friendship that is in a very unique space right now. If I worry about where we came from, there may be anxiety and confusion. If I wonder where we are going, then I will try to control that direction or fear certain outcomes and that will affect my behavior right now. If I accept the blurry perspective of right now, I will enjoy the moments and the conversations and realize every time I talk to this person I enjoy the time together. Should we have an opportunity to spend time together over a drink or a brief interaction online or any other encounter, it is wonderful. Accept that there is no clarity here and no idea what the road ahead looks like and no matter what, the road ahead will be good. 

We try to see too much. We try to control or worry about too many things. We need to accept the wonder of now and see that what we cannot see helps us see better if we allow it to. That is the blurred perspective of beauty. 

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