Friday, July 22, 2016

Be Prepared for What You Can't be Ready For

The Unexpected
This photo was taken on a small ferry during Summer. The journey is short and the water is shallow. I am pretty sure one of average height could stand waist deep in it. Yet, there are flotation cushions to keep us safe. Safe from what? That is exactly the point. We don't know, but we are over water and there are things we need to be prepared for that we can't be ready for. 

In life, none of us can predict what will happen next. It is why we have flotation devises, fire drills, lock down drills, are advised to have flares and a first aid kid in our cars and so much more. We need to be ready for the things we don't know. 

What about our lives and our hearts? How to we be prepared for disappointment, heartbreak, loss, perceived failure, stress and other things we cannot be ready for. 

There is a delicate balance. We need to believe in the possibilities that drive us to hope and to dream, but we need to be ready for the things we cannot anticipate going wrong.

I do not always know that balance. I do know when I am on a plane, the flight attendants give us 3-5 minutes about how to be prepared for things that go wrong and the rest of the flight is overprices beverages and snacks. Maybe that is the balance. Do the best you can to be prepared for the unimaginable and then imagine better things and enjoy the journey. 

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