Thursday, June 23, 2016

Why So Special?

Religious symbolism fascinates me. There is one symbol that I think is interesting because how many different spiritual flavors it covers. The lotus flower has been a friend to the ancient Egyptians, the Hindu and Hindi cultures, and the Buddhists. For these cultures it represents rebirth and purity. 

Every evening it retreats back into the bogs and under the lily pads and every morning they rise and despite sometimes being in dirty bogs, they rise beautiful and clean of any blemish from the bogs. So many people get tattoos and charms and pendants and clothing and accessories with this lovely symbol. 

But there is something even more lovely than displaying the lotus, it is being the lotus. You can be the lotus regardless your theism, atheism or life philosophy. Here is my humble opinion on how that is done. 

At the end of each day, retreat to safety and rest. Every morning rise. Constant rebirth and newness where you never stop dying to old things and come alive to new things. Finally, and here is the most beautiful and critical part, rise above the bog and shine with beauty that is unmarred by the slime and the silt and the dirt of life. Do not let it tarnish your beauty and never stop rising above it all. 

This last part is the hardest. We let the things around us get to us. The world is kinda boggy right now. People being killed by guns, political fights, refugees everywhere, rapists getting light sentences while the victim is shamed, social media has become a wasteland of misinformation and battles. Single moms struggle to make ends meet and believe the worst lie of all, they are not beautiful.  I could go on with the things that hurt and make the bog of life have quite the stench. It could fill novels. We already know the bog, what we need is the beauty. 

There is one critical trick to rising from the bog unaffected. 

Just be yourself. You are beautiful as you are. The lotus is a lotus. It does not try to be these things. It just goes to bed at night, wakes up in the morning, rises above the bog and is lovely. That is it. It does not try to be a rose or a sunflower or any other such thing. It is what it is and makes no attempt to be anything else. 

Rise and to be beautiful, be yourself. The lotus is the lotus. You are you and that is why you are so special. 

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