Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vintage Use

Vintage Use
This is a vintage biplane as viewed from the fuselage with a taste of the upper wing and the propeller. It is a vintage plane if you will. The owner flies it on jobs almost daily. Sometimes it is crop treatment, sometimes it is a banner for an advertisement and other times it is to take people up to experience flying in a bi plane. When something is vintage, it is not considered old or worn out or less. It has value and charm and maybe even a bit of superiority to some of the mass produced crap out there today.

I love vintage razors. A Gillette razor made 60 years ago will last at least another 60 years and will deliver a better shave than the garbage out there today. People are rediscovering records with their superior sound quality and undeniable charm.

Many of us who are my age are facing hardships. They go looking for jobs and feel they have to dye their grey or look younger to avoid age discrimination. They go on dating sites and post pics that are at least 7 years old in the hopes of looking less....old.

I wish we would look on middle age or senior citizens the same way we see vintage items. Durable survivors with lessons to teach who may have durability, wisdom and beauty. Vintage items are useful, durable and even sexy.

Be vintage. You are more than useful. You are beautiful, durable, damn well constructed and sexy.

You have a tale to tell and have seen many things.

Vintage is not used. Vintage use.

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