Monday, June 27, 2016

Useful Beauty

Useful Beauty
I was talking to a friend of mine last night. We spoke about love. She says it is a fantasy with little use in a practical world other than to be a pretty thing to look at. Have you seen how many beautiful things are useful? Engineers and architects have this knack of making a thing not only useful, but lovely.

Governments and societies have risen and fallen. The world has experienced countless religions and isms and ideals. Technologies and fashions have changed rapidly.

Yet, the poets and the troubadours and the couples remain a constant.

This is more than just pretty. It is useful beauty that gives us light and water and life. It feeds our souls.

We can argue the existence of this god or that god or which political ideal is the best, but love has stood the test of time and proved itself useful. Passion has remained a constant.

In the name of love, romantic fools have done great things and inspired many.

I know this is not my best writing, but my heart wants to get into a fight with brains. You cannot write feelings well in a manner that cold hearts can understand.  If there was no love and this was all a sham, I honestly would not see the point. Existence without passion and beauty is just bland and lifeless.

A friend of mine died the other day. He and I used to speak about this kind of love. The two of us made it sound lovely and with one less minstrel in the world, I am struggling a little. This is the best I could do today. I hope you hear my heart.

I do not have much more to say at the moment other than this:

Love is useful beauty.

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