Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spaces and Memories

Spaces and Memories
Today is my son's sweet sixteen and golden birthday. Disney World has been our spot not once, not twice, but four times during his birthday. I cannot afford to take him on such extravagance right now, but one year we will go back I am sure. We are addicted. 

When I think of that place or I see the Disney logo or the mouse ears, a daddy's heart always thinks of his son. When we would stay in the resorts the cleaning crew would always fold the towels like this in the picture above or in other formations. It is, for me, one of our defining spaces. 

We all have those spaces and moments in time that makes us think of our ties to someone special in our lives. For many parents, it is their child. For some it is a spouse or a dear friend or significant other or parent. Maybe those spaces are spaces that are out of reach due to cost or distance, but we have the memories. Not the memories of the space, but the person you shared the space with. 

We have amazing memories in that space near Orlando. 

Here is the thing. If the shooting in Orlando reminded me of anything it is that life is precious and every day matters. For all the memories we cherish and all the spaces that have meant something to us, there is also today. 

If the person that defines a time and a place is still in your life, make new memories and new spaces. Every moment we are together is a new space and a new memory. It may not be exotic. You may be at a mini golf course or t shirt shop or having coffee, but you are together and they are special. Savor every space and every memory. 

In about an hour, my son and I will be creating new spaces and memories. It will be nowhere near the extravagance of Disney, but it is not the space that creates the memories, it is who you are with. 

Keep making them and keep cherishing them. 

Spaces and memories. 

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