Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Something Old, Something Precious, Something New, Something Beautiful

Something Old New Precious Beautiful
This shot was taken on Saturday, June 18th, 2016 at West Beach in Indiana. It was taken with the Pentax K1000 my father gave to me for Christmas in 1983. It was shot with film that was over a decade expired and it turns out there is an issue with my shutter.

I love this picture. 

This camera, something old, has taken shots that have appeared in 4 yearbooks, 6 different newspapers and countless business cards, brochures, websites, magazines and other assorted media and has been untouched for almost a decade. 

This day, something new, was a day with a new friend who is a professional photographer who was scouting a location and a member of the artist guild I recently joined. New friendships and new opportunities to have my work shown in galleries, trunk shows and fundraisers in collaboration with good people. 

This shot, something precious, shows a bird on a beach captured in flight despite chemical degradation of film and a misfiring shutter.

This shot and the whole story behind it is something beautiful.

When I picked up the scanned negatives from my photo house print shop about an hour ago, the owner, Kevin, told me that he liked what I did with my two rolls of film and then went on to tell me that there is a collectors market for my camera even with the misfiring shutter. I looked at him for a moment and asked, "Know anyone who can fix it?" He smiled and told me of a place not too far away where I can take it to get repaired. 

"It won't be cheap." He said.

"It has been in my life for over 30 years. Something old is something precious and together we can make something new and beautiful. She's worth it. She's a part of my life." I replied.

"Glass half full, since it did not misfire on every shot, it may just be a lubrication issue, Pat."

"Either way, I would like at least another 30 years."

I have decided that I am going to get it repaired and that I will have it as part of my regular rotation in shooting. It is like an old friend or a love. Just because the years have worn something does not mean it has lost value. It has more value and is more precious and there are still new beautiful adventures to be had. 

The people in our lives and our very selves are like that. As the years wear us down with a few bangs and bumps and neglect, hearts may misfire. Maybe we just need a little tenderness or maybe we are so broken that we need to be repaired with some extra time and investment. Maybe we will never be what we once were. That does not mean we should be discarded. There can still be beauty made, like this shot. There can still be new moments and days and adventures and maybe some misadventures. 

Something old is something precious and can make something new and that is something beautiful.

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