Friday, June 24, 2016

Snakes in the Garden

I was recently talking to two gentlemen I met while shopping from Haiti. We got into a conversation as I have been there. He told me with sadness that he felt things were better under their former dictatorship. After the US and the UN offered them "freedom", he said the chains of economic imprisonment took hold. 

When you go to Haiti, you see the lush landscape, beautiful mountains, ocean breeze. You taste the purest of sugars and sweetest of rums and there is nothing like a Haitian coffee and they have damn good Cuban cigars. 

Here is the dark side that makes my liberal nature clash with harsh realities. Since we have participated in the destabilization of their governments, the natural resources have become more unstable than they used to be and the beautiful soil hides the dark secret that many crops can no longer grow on it. The lack of education has created so much ignorance there is little hope for them to understand their situation and take control.

The UN truck in this photo feels like the snake in the garden of eden. I saw the UN troops the last time I was there in 2008. Many of them are good at 3 things. 1. Drinking beer. 2. Working out on the beach. 3. Having sex with 13 year old girls. 

Paradise is beautiful, but there is darkness under the palm trees. 

In our own lush gardens, be careful.

Don't let anyone upset your delicate balance and tell you their way is better when their way involves control. Stay educated so you know how to protect and restore yourself. Know that snakes in the garden do not look like a typical movie villain. Sometimes, the look like what we see as hope. 

Haiti has no natural predators. No venomous snakes. The only ones that entered there have two legs and came from other spaces.

Your garden is pure and lush and even if it has been damaged, with time and patience and care it can be restored and beauty can grow again. Embrace the beauty. However, beware the snakes in the garden.

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