Friday, June 10, 2016

Savor Life Anyway

Savor Life Anyway
One of my favorite pieces is one I did called "Tending Passion's Garden". There is a lovely bed with a slightly rusted bed frame in a garden under a chandelier. I had a small blackboard on the bed. I wrote different things on it and ultimately went with a shot of it as blank. The shot has a lot of wonderful elements. I poured my soul into that one in an attempt to capture in one photo what I feel about love and its analogous nature to a garden.. Anyway, the clever signs just threw it off. I liked the board and felt it added something to the shot, but not the writing. 

I did do a closeup of this one because it amused me. It also made me think. Lovers tending a garden of beauty and life together. It is a time of delight and you dare to place a bed in the middle of it and state something silly on a sign. A restriction in beauty. Passion's Garden limited by rules. 

We all have rules in life. Things we say we will do and will not do and we place a sign with a restriction in the center of the most compelling place of the garden of life. Theologians will get where I am going with the foolishness of it all. 

We do that in life. We place signs with rules in the midst of gardens with limitless possibilities. We restrict beauty and inhibit ourselves from fully embracing all that is before us. 

If someone you want to kiss asks you to kiss them, this would be a terrible time to listen to the sign you placed in the middle of the garden. If it is a hot summer day and you see homemade ice cream being served in your favorite flavor and the only thing holding you back is that it is not paleo friendly? You placed a sign in the garden of limitless possibilities. 

We need boundaries. It is why the garden in my shot has a fence. We need to tend and care for our lives in the same way we care for a garden. We have, within that space, the ability to grow so many things and enjoy lush textures, colors, scents and wonder. We don't need self imposed restrictions that limit our possibilities and our hearts and our passions. It can be ice cream, a kiss, a dream, an un pursued hobby or any number of things. The signs we put up are, I am too old. I am not good enough. I am not attractive. I don't have time. I'm bad at xyz. What if I fail? This list could go on for thousands of words and I would just be hitting the tip of the iceberg. I hope you get the jist. 

You have healthy fences with gates(possibly). You have a wondrous garden that will last several decades if you are lucky. Ignore the dumb signs you wrote and savor life anyway. 

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