Wednesday, June 29, 2016

No Life(Guard)

No Life(Guard)
I did not learn how to swim until I was 20. I was staying at a resort with a girl I was dating and she could not believe I did not know how to swim. So we went to one of the gift shops and bought some trunks and she took me to the pool. I looked about and was unsure about this. I pointed out there was no lifeguard. She said, "You have me."

Twenty minutes into my first time in the deep end I came up and looked around and she was giggling. I looked at her and asked what was so funny. She said, "I don't think I've ever seen you not in control of your environment. It's rather adorable. You should let go more often."

Then I realized she was right. This was exhilarating.  I was alive! I was unsure! I was exploring and learning and not in control. I was ready to not jump in because there was no authority, but I had her and I knew that nothing bad was going to happen.

Many public beaches and hotel swimming pools will still charge a premium for their services, but the lifeguard stands are more empty than they are full of late. The water can sometimes be dangerous. A mere cramp or not being mindful of the undertow can put you in trouble in short time. If we are alone, we may drown. 

Life is the same way. Authorities may or may not be there to protect us, but they will still want their cut. Alone, when things go wrong, we may succumb to the dangers of life. If we have at least one other person with us who will say with sincerity, "You have me," we don't need an authority present to get through life. We are also far better off together than we are alone. 

When you hear the words, "You have me," we are safe to let go of control (which is an illusion anyway) and we also have the ability to explore, delight and try new things. We can be a little scared, but knowing someone has you and is there for you makes it okay to risk a cramp. 

No lifeguard does not mean there is no life, it just means we have to rely on each other. 

Make sure the people you care about hear the words, "You have me". If someone ever says those words to you, embrace the safety and explore the wonder. 

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