Monday, June 20, 2016

Lion's Gate of the Heart

Welcoming Guardians
You see lions outside gates and thresholds very often. The concept seems to be based off of the Lion Gate of Mycenae. The lions had their feet curled over an alter and it is thought they represented strength. The strength that welcomes someone in to where we are beautiful and vulnerable if they are deemed trustworthy. You had to be trustworthy to enter the sacred spaces where we are weak to attack inside the fortified walls.

In the garden path of life we will encounter the sacred spaces of other people's hearts and emotions. There is an entrance to that space and we must prove ourselves to be trustworthy to be allowed in by the strong protectors. Our hearts are the very same way. The space beyond is precious and lovely. Almost everyone I meet has been violated and damaged by people we have let past the threshold.

Sometimes unwelcome invaders have gotten past the walls. Sometimes we make a bad call and let someone who is not trustworthy inside. The guardians outside welcome, but there is a time they have to be more than beautiful, they have to be strong and protective. They must also always remember what they are protecting. They guard not a wall, but an entrance. Entrances are meant to allow others into the beauty of the garden and the wellsprings we have to share. 

Be strong. Be wise. But please, do not make the entrance a wall, you have too much beauty within and your garden may need tending from someone who loves well. 

May the lions at the gate of your heart be strong, but may they also be wise and welcoming to those who are worth the risk. 

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