Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Keep Flying

Keep Flying
This was taken in 2008 behind the stick of a 1975 Cessna 172M over the Atlantic Ocean. When you are 8000 feet in the air and about 20 miles from the shore, not only is the idea to keep on flying a brave statement, it is a necessary statement. The only alternative is to crash into the ocean. 

Sometimes when you are soaring in the face of adversity people will tell you how brave you are and you do not feel brave. You soar not because you are this wonder of nature, you sometimes soar above the water and in the clouds because you have no choice. The alternative sucks. 

When you are in that position, obviously you should keep soaring, but give yourself some credit. Maybe they are right. Maybe you are brave. Maybe you are resilient. Maybe the very act of soaring takes skill and not everyone can do it. You are monitoring your fuel to air ratio, feeling the wind currents, and many other things. Maybe you are a single parent with multiple children trying to juggle finances and job and personal joy. Maybe you are a GLBT person trying to live your life in the face of hate and fear and judgement that i cannot possibly imagine. Maybe you are just a guy sitting in his bathrobe writing a blog trying to figure out your life as a parent and a person with dreams living in a current reality with pressing needs. Of course you have no choice but to fly and to soar, but it is wonderful that you do. 

Keep flying.

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