Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Garden Needs

Garden Needs
This is yet another shot of the Garden of Eden in Willowbrook, Illinois on the grounds of Soderworld. It is 2 acres of beauty and wonder that used to be the back 2 acres of abandoned and neglected wetlands.

I often speak of love and life in relation to gardens. When we love together it is tending a garden. Of course it is work and of course there are weeds and of course there are parasites and predators and other threats to the garden. It is why we tend it.

Love, like the garden, gives us the very air we breathe. It gives us food that sustains. It gives us beauty and wonder and we can sit in the garden and take in it's delights. 

In the Quran, the Bible and even some Buddhist Sutras there is the tale of the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve (and sometimes Lilith) were given a wondrous garden where there was nothing to do other than give beauty names and delight. No weeding, no tending, no labor, no parasites and no threats. There was also no appreciation for what they had and we as a species were moved East of Eden. Some still have the impulse to garden and create that which is at the core of our beginnings. Others like to go to arboretums and botanical gardens that others tend and enjoy.

I do not care if it is a potted plant or a two acre garden. I feel there is more appreciation and beauty when we tend, weed, care for and nurture our gardens. When we sit and enjoy the garden we have made, we appreciate the labor that is love. 

Tend your gardens well so you can enjoy them fully. We have garden needs.

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