Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fragility of Trust

Fragility Of Trust
I took several shots of this bird. He was aware of my presence and I was honored by the trust. I kept getting closer to get more shots and then something happened. The fragility of trust was breached and he flew away. It was too fast and too soon. I will never see him again.

Our relationships are like that. So many of us have so many concerns and traumas or just need space. When we are the ones who push too hard we have to accept that we lost an opportunity. When we are the ones who flee, we have our reasons and most of them are self protective.

I have another picture in my library of a little girl holding a ladybug in her hands and there is one of my son with a butterfly on his finger. Those moments of trust may not last forever, but while we have that gift in the impermanence of life, treasure them.

We will flee in this life and we will breach trust. It is life. It happens.

While you have it, when you earn it, enjoy it and understand not only the beauty, but the fragility of trust.

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