Thursday, June 30, 2016

Empty Beaches of the Heart

Empty Beach, Polluted Heart
As I write this, the beaches in Florida are closed due to flesh eating bacteria and pollution. This is not the first time beaches will be empty due to toxic waters and it will not be the last time as we continue to advance as a species. This shot is in West Beach Indiana. The pristine and lovely waters and pebble covered beach of Lake Michigan....with a factory along the beach polluting the beauty and destroying that which gives us life.

We live in an era where experts have to study pollution levels in water to determine if it is safe to swim and enjoy it. We have acceptable levels of toxins in what we swim in and drink and need to live. 

The beach of the heart is the same way. There is the old saying, hurt people hurt people. We have been filled with toxins and we sometimes spread and pollute other waters with our fear, our anger, our low self esteem and our hurt. We do not do it on purpose, it just happens. We give people advice as to how they should approach the beach of the heart. "Guard your beach," "I never go to the beach anymore," "The beach does not exist for us," and "That beach just is not good enough," We have many other reasons to keep the beach empty. 

Look, end of the day, there are risks that we do not like to think about and other potential risks that paralyze us. 

We need to mindful of the waters we go into and what we take into our life. But it is the water that gives us life. It is the water that in the right setting gives us delight. It is the water that forges canyons and streams and rivers. We still need the waters and we still yearn for beaches.

We should swim and we should drink deeply. There is a difference between being aware and being afraid. Be aware, but do not be so afraid that you do not drink, for you will die without it. Be aware, but do not listen to anyone who tells you not to drink water or go to beaches, they are already dead. Be aware, but do not have an empty beach of the heart.

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