Monday, June 13, 2016

Be You!

Be You!
In the wake of the massacre in Orlando I do not want to write. If I am being completely honest I want to get drunk or high or fall into someone's arms and fuck until dawn so I can feel anything other than what I am feeling right now.

I am feeling anger. I am feeling grief. I am feeling sadness. I am feeling pain. I am feeling fear. I cannot watch the news or look at all the stupid shit being posted on social media right now so I do not know if the stats have changed. The last time I checked 103 people were shot and 50 of those died because they were gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender or otherwise queer or non binary or friends of these people. They were hunted down and killed by a monster because they were themselves. Some of them were killed because they were like my child. Some of them were killed because they were like my friends. 

Some of the reasons people are hated is because of who we are in things that we cannot and should not change like our gender, orientation, gender identity or race. Other things people are hated for are choices like how we dress or what we are interested in or our hobbies. I am a cis gendered straight white man. Very few people want to taunt me or kill me over these things. My hobbies are reading and taking long walks in nature and photography and writing. These are not things that many want to hunt someone down and kill over. I am pretty safe. 

There are others who are not. They are mocked. They are beaten. They are assaulted. They are treated differently. They are hunted down and killed in their safe spaces where they can be themselves openly. Justify hate all you want. Politicize this all you want. Ignore the core issue all you want. 50 people are dead for being themselves. They were not an issue. They were not a topic. They were human beings. They were someone's child and lover and friend and parent and brother and sister and so much more and they are dead. There are many people just like them and they are in fear for their lives and hurting and confused and some are recovering from gunshot wounds in hospitals. While that reality happens we are having petty little positions and arguments on social media. 

Is gay a sin? Was this really the biggest massacre? What is terrorism? What do we do about guns? 

Thank you to the beautiful people who lined up for over a mile to donate blood. Thank you to the spaces that are open across the world to help those hurting and confused have a space to vent Thank you to those who risked their lives to save others in the club while it was going down. Thank you to the first responders. Thank you to the doctors and nurses and EMT's. Thank you to those who love. 

About the only rational thing I can say right now in the convoluted mess that is my heart and brain is this.

Be you. 

I love you as you are. You are not a mistake. You are not a sin. You are not an issue. You are not less. 

Be you. 

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