Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Different Nature

A Different Nature
For the last three days I have been processing the beauty of the nature of Evergreen Lake. But there is a different nature within. The nature that is gritty and finds itself in back alleys and the urban nature. I usually do these in grey-scale because there is no black and white, but this time I wanted to show the colors of the street. The different nature within is also beautiful in its own right.

There is the nature we desire and the nature that our heart beats true regardless the grittiness of it all. We can be torn between the natures or we can see the beauty of the different nature. There are no elk, no lake, no trees and no ideals. But it is honest and it is real.

Today I am in that different nature. I am feeling the dark textures of the alley and the honest violence of the night. Today I am of the nature of the street that is active and noisy and full of a different kind of life than the idyllic serenity of the lake. That is not only okay, it is still beautiful.

I know the rules here. I understand the danger and the beauty.

The different nature still has color and texture and life. The different nature has a heartbeat and a rhythm. Both natures have danger and both have beauty. One is where we were and one is where we are. Both natures are very real and deserve to be seen as beautiful.

There are days that I need the lake and others that I need the alley. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who lives in a different nature.

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