Monday, May 16, 2016

What Was Still Is

What Was Still Is
The taxi industry is not new. It is older than the automobile. It is due to the horse drawn taxi that we still use the term livery in reference to most limos and some taxis. For more than a century our transportation infrastructure has needed someone to take a person from one place to another for a fee. What was still is. It looks a little different now. Now we have apps that allow us to 'hail' a personal driver to take us from one space to another. As opposed to having to know one's way about, we trust GPS devices to find the most inefficient route possible. So many things have changed over the years, but what was still is.

Over the years some things have gotten better and some have gotten worse. We seem to think if there is an app for something, that it is somehow better and we do not think of the consequences of change. We want people to make a higher minimum wage, but we use airbnb instead of a hotel where we may have to tip the single mom with three kids who cleans our bedroom and changes our sheets. We want love and romance but we swipe right and left to hook up instead of trusting the process of friendship and courtship. We want information, but we trust whatever is tweeted instead of a journalist who is skilled in the craft of story telling and maintaining objectivity regarding the facts. We want artists to create beauty but we will download their songs, movies and art without paying them and then scoff when they get a Patreon site so they can eat. 

What was still is and I suppose it is nothing new that we devalue investment of time and investment in people. Greed is something that has existed long before and we have always wanted easy and cheap as opposed to convenience and with value. We want others to serve us and we do not want to be bothered with investing in others. When our conscience gets the best of us, we can reblog, write an open letter or click like to a petition. 

What was still is. 

There is a lighter side to that sentiment, though. 

There are people who imagine and create and dream and love and innovate. They compose and write and craft and care and invest and inspire. As long as there are people who gave up on love, there is a romantic who thinks they are beautiful exactly as they are. As long as there is someone hungry, there is someone out there trying to end their suffering. As long as there is barren land, there is someone trying to plant something beautiful there. As long as there is war, there is someone creating and believing in peace. When there is injustice, there is someone holding a sign, making a stand and effecting change. 

What was still is. 

There is only one key question. 

Where will you fit in the role of what is? If you want to know what the impact of what you do or do not do is, you need only look at what was. We not only repeat history every day, we make it every day. 

What was still is.

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