Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trust the Process of Passion

The Process of Passion
What is the process of passion?

It is allowing yourself to fall into passion. In the picture we have the morning after between two people who gave into passion's process. Beyond two bodies becoming so intertwined that you do not know where one ends and the other begins, there are other passions.

We may have a dream of something we want to do. I know a woman who was a journalist who always wanted to be a paramedic. In her mid-life, she trusted the process of her passions and became that. I know someone who has always wanted to work with children with special needs. In her 40's she is taking the first steps towards trusting the process of that passion. I am now meeting people who always wanted to be artists and they are trusting the process of passion as they begin to take brush to canvass. 

To trust the process of our passions is to let go of the things that hold us back from being vulnerable to failure or rejection. We decide to take the first step, that first kiss, that first caress, that first class, that first resume submission, that first sentence. We take those steps and we keep taking them until we are engaged in the foreplay of our passion. We are learning what works at that point. We are exploring. We are taking delight in the curiosity. Eventually comes the point of no return where we are so fully immersed in the passion that we are lost in it. 

We have dreams, we have imaginations, we have passions. We do not trust the process of passion as much or as often as we could.

Trust the process of passion. 

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