Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead
Sometimes in life you will find yourself on darker roads. The road ahead may seem dark and lonely. When we are in those moments it can seem very isolated and maybe even dreary.

I am on one of those darker roads right now. I have had to sit in a hospital room yesterday as opposed to going to work and prepare myself to say goodbye to the woman who raised me. Cancer has riddled her body to a point of description that I would rather not describe.

There are no discussions about treatments. There are no conversations about options. We have pain management to create comfort and the great unknown to the question...how long? When the day started, we thought, this is it. As the day progressed the new answer is simply, we do not know. Could be an hour, could be a day. Could be more or less than the above. 

The road ahead is dark. But the road ahead does not have to be lonely. Just as I shared with and leaned on family members, co-workers, and a dear friend or two so can we invite others to our dark road.

If they cannot take the journey with us in the ride, we can call them on the phone or text at a red light when we can pause long enough to reach out. There are so many different ways we can make the road ahead less lonely. 

The road ahead is merely the road ahead. How lonely it can be is up to us.

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