Monday, May 30, 2016

The Heart of Art Cannot Be Diminished

Heart of Art
The other night I had the opportunity to spend time with some of my new artists friends for an intimate party. Joe showed us the process of creating a little known form of pottery creation called Obvara. Each piece was unique and beautiful and the process of creation was amazing. To think that Joe can take clay from the earth and using the natural elements, a whole lotta heat and waters and solutions containing different minerals he swiftly scalds and seals beauty.

Later in the evening Joe and I were talking. He told me about how he, as a young man, found a mentor who would inspire him and teach him this skill that he practices with passion decades later. He has also told me how he has been told that what he does is not art. Yet, it is pottery that is found by archaeologists tens of thousands of years after a society ends and it will be pottery that will be found thousands of years from now. I have seen the process, I have seen his heart and I have seen the beauty. What he does is art.

The very next day I was speaking with my child and he had told me that someone we both know said that photography is not art. I could feel my blood boil and this strange and irrational hurt enter into my reality. Like Joe, I had a mentor teach me how to compose, create and develop. How to see the world through a lens and not merely preserve an image, but to create a view and perspective of something that people have not seen before.

In 2014 the Art Institute of Chicago was voted the #1 museum in the world. Think about that. Let that sink in. The Getty, the Met, the Smithsonian, Galleria, Musee d'Orsay and even the Acropolis did not quite give the experience that the Art Institute could. For well over 100 years this museum has been preserving, celebrating and showcasing art in world class fashion. You do not do this without knowing a thing or two about art.

Do you know what they have in the Art Institute? Pottery. They have had ancient and modern pottery there since damn near their inception.

Do you know what else they have in the Art Institute? Photography. They have been preserving and showing photography since 1949.

Over 300,000 pieces on display from virtually every culture and period of history. They have coins, armor, weapons, architectural remnants, poetry, sculpture, paintings, drawings, textiles, miniatures, leaded glass, stained glass, blown glass, film, video and even new and mixed media. One of the world's best and foremost organizations have deemed these mediums and so many others to be art. Not just in definition, but in raising funds to keep on display, constantly innovating and expanding at great expense, preserving with care and actively educating us.

On my blog, some of the pieces are simple props that allow me to tell a story and some are pieces that I am very proud of. This piece was taken the same day I took Sunday's photo. I am proud of both pieces and this one not only offers layers, it also breaks some of the rules of photography so your eye can be drawn to other spaces so you can recognize the bridge, the people the house and feel the warmth of the colors and the get lost in the scene.

Yesterday's piece was "just another landscape". But when I Google images of Evergreeen Lake in Evergreen Colorado taken from the same angle, I am damn proud of what I created. I did not make a photograph or preserve an easily duplicated image. I made mutha fucking art!

The heart of art cannot be diminished and if you are practicing a medium, do not diminish other mediums and do not let others diminish yours. What you create and love is the heart of art.

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  1. Thanks Pat, you really captured the essence of the evening. It has always been a question of "What is Art?" Academia would tell us it is one thing, but the common man/woman. Know it is something else. How does it make them feel, does it bring back a pleasant memory? Or they just like it because it is what it is.

    My art is one of 3 dimensions. What you see on my website is 2 dimensions. To truly appreciate it, one must see the piece in person. Experience it from all sides. My taste for the best side, might not be for the person looking at it. I whole heartily encourage people to pick up the piece turn it around, feel the energy of piece.

    There is difference in making art, and living art. I fall into the latter. It overlaps into my daily life in is so many ways. Cooking dinner I get creative with it. Yup even cutting grass has a creative flair for me.

    I say if you want to make art. LIVE IT!

    Peace Brother
    Joe Hadamik


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