Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Good Old Days (Nostalgia)

Have you ever found yourself thinking about the past wistfully? It could be a memory of a past love, an old friend, days of youth, memories of an old car or a diner that today would be considered retro. 

When we are in those moments we always seem to reflect on the same things. The smell of her hair, the way his smile would make you melt, how you could always turn to your pal, homecoming, the freedom of that first car and the taste of the burger as you bit into it. We do not think about the other moments. How she would close off when she was upset locking you out. How he could look at you and say the most hurtful thing when he wanted to. The times in school you felt less or was bullied or thought you looked goofy on that magic homecoming night. How many times you had the runs after that burger. Which is truth? They both are.

In all of our memories that we look back upon there was both good and bad. Sometimes we will reflect fondly and other times we will wince bitterly. Which is truth? They both are. The lens of our remembrance is not dishonest, it is how we choose to remember the events and people in our past  because that was what we took away from that moment in time. 

Every moment of our lives is a future memory we may reflect upon one day. We already know what it is to remember the smell of her hair. We also know what it feels like to be hurt by someone we trusted. We know what it is to feel magical and we know what it feels like to have a night ruined by someone's cruel words or mockery. Our memories do not just make us swoon or wince, the teach us what we have taken from life.

Right here and right now is all that truly exists. What happens today will be the memory tomorrow. Some things and events will be beyond our control. That said, if we surround ourselves with healthy people. If we love well and spend our time with those who love well. If we go to events where we will feel beautiful or enjoy the time together with good people. If we do these thigns we will have a better shot at good memories. If we ignore the signs in front of us of someone who is unhealthy or mean or cruel. If we do not practice self care and loathe what we see in the mirror...we will have a better shot at aincing instead of smiling.

Nostalgia is a wonderful investment in the mind and heart. Smile today and love today so that you can look back and smile again a decade from now. 

The Good Old Days starts today.

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