Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Darkness Within and Without...

The Darkness Within and Without
My fascination with the dark and abandoned recesses of the world came when I was driving a taxi. Every so often in the older sections of Will County you would drive by some remote space "off the beaten path". When I would find these spaces that looked abandoned or interesting I would place a marker on my Garmen so that I could come back another time.

Exploring these spaces required a good flashlight and if it turned out to be a maze or underground you have to create "breadcrumbs" to find your way back. As seen on TV stick on lights provide what you need to breach the darkness within and give you the path out of the recesses you go into. Light needs to shine on the darkness within to find your way out. But what do you find your way out of?

It is the darkness without that drives you into the darkness within.

The darkness without light. 

The darkness without love.

The darkness without joy.

The darkness without laughter.

The darkness without hope. 

The darkness without feeds the darkness within. The darkness without makes illuminating the darkness within more difficult. There is nothing to come out towards when all that lay is a life without. 

I was told by a dear friend last night that there is no need to be afraid anymore. The light can be bright at first. When you have lived in the dark tunnels and the night long enough, light is hard to take, but you do get used to it and there is no more darkness.

When there is no more darkness without, it can flood and illuminate the darkness within. 

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