Thursday, May 26, 2016

Stand Strong

Stand Strong

The old barn's foundation is settled and no longer even. The old tree's roots are deep and true. The old barn is abandoned and worn. The tree gets what it needs daily from the ground and the sun in the sky. Men tear the very life out of a tree and build things like a barn that serve a grand purpose, only to be abandoned.

Life can be life that. We can be in a nurtured environment getting all that we need. Then we are torn away from the very roots that feed us; but it is okay, we are built into something new and useful and strong and lovely. If we are abandoned with no one to care for us and nothing to feed us, we can settle, fall into disrepair and our brilliant colors can fade. 

Despite that, we are still beautiful and we can still stand strong. 

If you are nurtured and your very soul is fed daily, stand strong and stand proud. If you have been neglected and abandoned and have been worn by the storms of life and the years without care, stand strong and proud.

Regardless of relating to the tree or the barn, stand strong.

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