Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Slippery When...

Slippery When Wet

It has been said that most professional photography is 80 percent perspective and 20 percent skill. If that is true, my perspective is that of a rather dirty mind sometimes. Those who know me well would say more than sometimes. I believe I have been compared to that of a 15 year old boy. All I know is that the 15 year old could not hold a candle to the 45 year old. The 15 year old was repressed. I do not have a dirty mind, I have a hopelessly romantic and sensual mind that is open.

Slippery When Wet was a name used in Bon Jovi's album by the same title. When I was a teenager in church youth groups, we were forbidden from listening to 'secular' (non Christian) music. I kinda loved this album and New Jersey and Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and some others. I would hide my secular stash in the back of my bedroom closet. They also told us that our natural sexual urges were bad. I am not just talking about sex here.

We could not date one on one. Dance. Neck. Masturbate. None of it. It was all shameful. We were ashamed. In my teen years I never had the joys of finding out if anything was slippery when wet. I never got to listen to good music in the open. 

I once had a friend come over while I was listening to the Slippery When Wet album and he immediately left my house and said he could not be my friend anymore. One of my friends from that youth group and I went to the Sr Prom together and she was threatened with expulsion from her volunteer role in the church if she went to prom with me. She could, however, go to the non dancing non romantic prom alternative with her ex boyfriend that the youth pastor approved of. 

We had a great time at prom and the day after prom we went to the dunes and the beach. We danced at prom. We danced on a boat in the city. We drove around downtown Chicago till dawn. We almost got into a brawl with some drunks. We had fun at the beach. Got a flat tire. Sunburn. Ate food that was bad for us. Did not sleep. It was fun. It was what teenagers are supposed to do.

People are supposed to do a lot of things that are very normal.

We live in shame. We live under the thumb of people who claim to have an understanding of truth and wield authority and shame over us. 

Regardless of our age, regardless of the matter, do not live in shame. We shame people over more than music and sex in society. We shame single mothers. We shame poor people. We shame rich people. We shame heavy people. We shame people for orientation and gender identity. We shame people for other reasons. I could go on a few thousand words.

Don't let them do it. Don't let others use their perceived authority to repress, deny or shame you from things that are normal, healthy, beautiful or good. Do not let them make you believe you are less because you do not conform. 

Power controls. Love frees. 

Without shame and without remorse and I will close with this. 

Slippery When Wet was a good album.

And there are other delicious and wonderful things that are slippery when wet.


  1. Slippery when wet is a good album, no was about it.

  2. I experienced the same shame as a teen and most of my adult life.

  3. They shame the disabled. I'm a burden to this society. I was born an outlier.


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