Monday, May 23, 2016

Pretty Dumb Idea

Pretty Dumb Idea
This is a pretty little road. The designers gave it a lovely overhead, um, thing. They gave it these lovely little metallic lights and trees. It is also a dumb idea. A few months ago there was no road here. There was a public square with a vast area for children to play (and they did) and a large fire pit where people gathered. There was also a natural stage where intimate concerts occurred and a large Christmas tree stood. It is very pretty, but it is a dumb idea. This road has not improved traffic flow in a lovely shopping plaza. It is a road literally in the middle of a block. It is just dumb, but it is pretty. It is a pretty dumb idea.

We see a lot of these pretty dumb ideas all the time. In Illinois there are two hate group that calls themselves the Illinois Family Institute and the Alliance Defending Freedom. Both groups are essentially hurting children every day. They deliberately misgender and restrict the rights of transgender and other GLB children. They take the most vulnerable demographic of the most vulnerable demographic and vilify them. They do it in the media, their own sites, local churches and school district meetings. They use pretty and inspiring words like freedom and family. It is pretty, but it is dumb. 

When a young child cannot take the persecution (a word many of the Christians in these groups use to persecute children) and they take rope to neck, razor to wrist or pill to mouth then these family groups defending freedom have essentially committed murder. The blood of these innocents is on their hands. Pretty words disguising murderous and harmful actions on children. Pretty dumb idea.

On a smaller and lessor scale we have individual pretty dumb ideas. We do harmful and unproductive things to ourselves and others every day and sugar coat it. We call our abuser misunderstood. We do not draw firm boundaries and call it forgiveness or grace when it is dangerous to ourselves or even our children. We self medicate and say we are merely relaxing and taking the edge off. 

We cover up bad things with seemingly beautiful and healthy words. We remove the public square that welcomed all and encouraged community and divided it. We can dress it up all we want, we can make it look beautiful, but it is what it is. 

A pretty dumb idea. 

We can do better. 

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