Monday, May 2, 2016

Made a Memory

Making a Memory
The above picture is one of 30 drafts for what would eventually be called " Want to Make a Memory". I staged the shot in 3 different bedrooms with multiple arrangements of clothing, wine, car keys, cell phones, and bed sheet arrangements in different angles to try to capture a vision in my head to match not only the song that inspired it, but also what was in my heart from my own memory made.

The idea behind it is two old and dear friends who get together and one asks the other to spend the night. In the song there are moments such as,"I see you reaching for your keys, looking for a reason not to leave," and "Your phone is ringing I don't wanna as," and ultimately he asks her if she wants to make a memory and steal a piece of time.

In my own life I had a special season with a memory made that is deeply personal. I wanted to capture the essence of the song and my story while making it something universal that others could relate to. Universal beauty and truth in an 8X10 matted in a 10X14 frame.

This was for my first gallery showing with an artist guild called TAGOL. The gallery show is called "Rhythm and Hues" and it opened on April 30 at the Flower of Life Art Gallery. All the pieces in the show ranging from paintings to sculpture to photography to mixed media and more are inspired by a song. 

I had my son in tow with me for the event. I did not expect the mass of humanity and the crowd. We were packed from the opening to the end. To get from one side of the main gallery floor to the other took minutes. When empty it takes ten seconds at a leisurely pace. 

The final piece I printed at a lab and matted and framed myself was what I envisioned in my heart. It was beautiful, honest and vulnerable. It was a catharsis of sorts. It was so personal I feared no one else would "get it" and make an offer to take it home. 

Then I walked over to see a man staring at it with what you could tell was emotion. I introduced myself. He turned to me with eyes welling up with emotions and asked if I made this piece. I said yes. He told me he was looking for a gift for his wife that night and when he saw my piece and saw the title he fell in love. It reminded him of the beginning of his relationship with the woman who is now his wife and the mother of his children. His sweetheart. His voice cracked as he told me the story and I felt my heart connect with his as the wave of his emotions of love for his wife struck a chord in me. 

This was going in a home where it would be loved and cherished for years to come. This was going to the home it was supposed to with two hearts that beat for one another and celebrate the beauty. I was, in that moment, a photographic troubadour telling the truth of the beauty of courtly love and a blue collar prince found something for his princess that he is still wooing to this day.

I had a memory made once. It was a lovely season. He had a memory made once. It was the beginning of a story. Together, we made a memory.

I do not show the final work and merely one of the top 4 drafts because I want what was made for him and his wife to be theirs. I will make no further prints of it.

If you would like to see it and are in the Chicago area, it will be on display at the Flower of Life Art Gallery located at 1601 S State Street (next to Tattoo City on the corner of State and Division) in Lockport Il. There are some wonderful pieces by amazing artists still for sale and I have one piece still for sale as well if you would like to take home something beautiful for your own memory.

If you would like a lovely gallery catalog of all the pieces in the gallery, you can get one in digital format or print for under $20 by clicking here.

The Gallery and the catalog will be the only spaces you can see the piece.

Finally, enjoy a video of the song that inspired the work.

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