Friday, May 6, 2016

Lost Together

Lost Together
I love boating and I love lakes. I also love being engaged with people in conversation. Anyway, I try to hit lakes as often as I can in summer to take a boat out. I do not own one so I have to rent. Living in this area you have many lakes to choose from with quality rentals.

Summer of 2013 I was out on a boat with my son in Lake Geneva. We were out for about two hours and I was giving him the tour of some of the historic mansions along the lake and some of the sights. The whole time we were out I noticed this couple. They were stopped and having a picnic and then just continued talking. You could tell that they were lost in each other and lost together. They had no clue or care about what was around them. They had whatever they were talking about and each other. That was all they needed. I cannot tell you if they were friends or lovers, but it was intimate.

I did not want to disturb them, so I got close enough to shoot with my telescopic lens. I lined up my shot and took it. Then I quietly motored away from them. 

I see people lost in each other so rarely. In this land of smart phones, short attention spans and worrying about who thinks what about what, we do not allow ourselves to be lost together.

No. We think about agendas, what is right, what is in the plans, is there room, we wonder if our phone did something and we wonder what others think.

If you enjoy someone's company. Enjoy it. 

Get lost together.

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