Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lonely Light Shine On

Lonely Light
I am not sure how many pictures I have of streetlights in my library. This may be one of my favorites. When people think I am obsessed with the darkness, the truth of the matter is, what I love most about the night is the light that pierces the darkness.

The streetlights always look lonely. They provide what others need to see and they stand alone. 

I think many of us feel like the streetlight. We commit to our duties and we try to shine as beautifully as we can. Those who we shine for do whatever it is that they do in the night and we see them. They laugh, they cry, they hold hands, they commune  and we sit there. If we are lucky, we attract the occasional moth or other insect fluttering about as an irritant, but we stand alone, doing what we do and sometimes wondering why. 

It does not matter, though. The light is beautiful. The light is soothing. The light holds the darkness at bay. 

If you feel like the lonely light, I am sorry. Know that you are beautiful and captivating and I am drawn not to your work, but to you.

Lonely light is still beautiful.

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