Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Born to Fly

Born to Fly

Before we go any further. This is the landing gear of a Douglas A-4C "Skyhawk" Navy Attack Jet. This specific plane and I were born on the same year during the same war. 

I got permission from airport staff to wander about unsupervised and take pictures. The A-4C was one of three planes that got my attention. I was walking all around her snapping pictures. At one point an old mechanic drove by me in his cart and said,"That one was just fully restored."

"Really?" I asked. "They did beautiful work on her."

"Yeah," he said. "Except that she can't fly."

"Then she wasn't fully restored, man. She was born to fly."

"Ain't we all" he remarked and drove off. 

The idea that this plane's Pratt and Whitney J52 would hurl into the sky at over 650 MPH is beautiful. Who knows what it survived and stories it and her pilot's had to tell? The places it went, the things it saw. All that life and vigor to sit grounded in a regional airport staring at a runway that is freely allowing cessnas and pipers and beechcraft king airs to do what she cannot. To be told that you are fully restored but not able to do what you were not only made to do, but did so much better than anything else on that tarmac or in the hangers. 

The old mechanic was right. We were all born to fly. Some of us have even had periods where we got to soar and do what we were made to do and experience the glory and the thrill of it all. But to be told you are fully restored and denied the ability to do what you were made to be denied the use of the wings you were be grounded....that is a hard truth that all too many people I know live in.

Sometimes the runway is in sight. Sometimes we get to see others live our dreams and think...why not me? Then we start to say that it does not exist, even though we are surrounded by it. I see this last one happen all the time in the the world of dating. (Love does not exist. It is all bull---even though there are happy people in loving relationships. Good ol cognitive disconnect...which I have been guilty of a time or two.) Here is the thing, I know planes and I looked this one over pretty exhaustively. It would not take much to get her in the air again. Not much at all. The same is true with you.

I do not know what your sky is, but if there was something you were made for, do not let any of life's mechanics tell you that you are just fine, but you can't do what you were made to do. With a little work on your part, you can get those wheels turning, get on the runway of life and soar. 

You were born to fly, not sit on a tarmac and be called fully restored.

You were born to fly.

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