Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bonus Blog Post: A Pebble In The Pond

As I was posting the Saturday StoryTelling Blog, I received a message from a reader and a new friend. She said a lot, but this was what caused me to choke up a little.

"Keep talking, keep writing, keep caring. You are awakening minds and hearts. Like a pebble thrown into a pond."

She went on to tell me how she has a friend who has a very narrow view of the world and she intends to use some of my story and words to open her friend's mind and heart and hope her friend does the same.

The pebble in the pond and the ripples.

That is the concept behind karma. A lot of people treat it as a individual transaction in western culture, but that is not how it works. The karma that comes back to you comes to all around you too. The ripples fly out, hit the edge of the pond and come back. In some ways we get out of the world what we put in, but we also get the ripples the other 7 billion people simultaneously throwing their pebbles into the pond as well.

If my words have an impact and create positive ripples, that means the world to me. It was my hope when I started writing in 2004. I wanted people to be moved and changed and perhaps see the world a little more beautifully. What she expressed to me is something that is very dear to me and on this day, which is not my brightest, if caused a smile to crack through the tears.

My tears come because of the dark and wicked boulders of hate some have thrown into the pond that ended the song of one who threw lovely pebbles into our common pond.

I do not always feel that the ripples I make or those who love well make are enough to counter the ripples of hate and ignorance and pain. I do not feel like my pebbles always matter or the concentric circles of what I hope are beautiful touch others. To know that some of my pebbles rippled the pond all the way across the Canadian border into Calgary and was seen as beautiful and inspiring makes the day a little less dark.

Since I always say this is the story of us, there is one last thing I need to say in closing. Everything we do is a pebble in the pond and we have no idea how far reaching the ripples will go. May we be mindful of that when we love well, say kind things, and do what we can to inspire and be inspired. May it also give us pause before we say something unkind, rude, mean or reckless.

May our pebbles in the pond be beautiful.

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