Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beautiful Imagination Thing

Beautiful Imagination Thing
So here I was at a school festival. I met for the first time a wonderful little girl that stole my heart and pretty much the rest of me that day. Within minutes this little one's kidnapping of me would lead to me being covered in glitter and craft glue and having the time of my life. Together we made this....thing in the picture. I have it in color and that is for me. I smile every time I see the picture and sometimes I look at it when I am sad just so I can grin and rediscover wonder. It is a guilty pleasure. 

I can tell you this...thing...was made with great care, imagination and despite what you may think from looking at it, precision. Every paint stroke and glue and addition was very precise and I was instructed exactly how to assist. 

Feather, pipe cleaner, soccer ball, glitter paint and something else I cannot identify were all placed on this masterpiece of vegetation. On the way back to her home I placed it on the dash and took several pictures of it because we did this together. We made this...beautiful imagination thing. 

Children are not bound by our sense of order. They have not been tainted by our limited world yet. They are free to imagine and dream and do wondrous things that are brilliant and precious and beautiful because they make no sense. 

While assisting her I also found myself at this table with other children wanting my aid in their projects. As a certain princess had taken possession of me I had to give them my time sparingly and enjoyed their beautiful imagination things. They all described their beautiful imagination things to me in great detail and with sincere enthusiasm. I was an adult and I was, in that moment, their peer and speaking with them at their level.  I was accepted as one of them and they were in awe that they had an adult covered in glue and glitter crafting and discussing beautiful imagination things.

I did look about me. The mother of the little one who stole me was present with other little ones which was delightful and as it should be. However, many a parent were milling about in their own little worlds of gossip and complaints and discussing possessions and boring shit with dour faces or false smiles full of pretense. Every so often I would see a child try to showcase their beautiful imagination things only to be dismissed over the less entertaining event of gossip...which is another word for slander and defamation of character of other human beings. I used to be a pastor, I know gossip when I see it. 

If given a choice between your boring life and embracing the wonder of beautiful imagination things, I hope you choose the latter. The adult life will always be there. We need coffee, alcohol, xanax, antacids and therapists to cope with the adult world. If for a few moments you can escape into their world, I suggest going to that tea party without hesitation. To be in the world of the child all you need is whimsy and wonder and the willingness to be covered in glitter and glue and delight and love as you make beautiful imagination things.

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