Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Almost, but not Quite

Almost, but not Quite
I am struggling to find the words on this one. The picture was taken from a moving limo along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The new moon was shining bright and with the lowered light and the moving car, this was as good as it got. It was almost the shot I wanted, but not quite.

I was in the limo with friends on my way to the Cubbie Bear last Saturday. I have been on this stretch of road many times in my life, but currently more often then normal. It is along this stretch of road that I take my son to Lurie Children's Hospital. I go this way to see two relatives. I used to go this route for more personal reasons. I never got to do more than glance toward the lake and take in the beauty because I am always in the drivers seat. 

I finally had a chance to take the most beautiful shot in the most beautiful city in the world. Almost the shot I wanted, but not quite. 

It is like life. We have so many things we are doing and so many responsibilities. We may be reminded of the things we want to do and our hands are too full to do them. Time after time, moment after moment, we pass by that thing or that idea. Always and ever elusive we may try to take that shot and find that if we rush through it we may find ourselves with not quite what we wanted from it all.

I could never have taken this picture from my car while I am driving. The limo allowed me to look at the scenery, but this was not my time to take my shot. This moment that I want of the moon over the lake and the moment of the S curve facing North are never going to just happen on the way to something else. 

I am going to have to make time for this. I am going to have to drive there or take the train and get off the road to take my shot. The shot that I want as I want it. I suspect that when I finally stop passing by the things I want along the way to things i have to do that I will find not only the shot that I want, but much more.

If there is something you want to do and you always try to get a moment in while doing other things, it will never work out. You will either never be able to do it, or it will not be quite what you wanted. You will have to make that your destination, stop and experience it. It really is not that hard to do.

I need to do it. I hope in the near future I share a photo of the moon over Lake Michigan with the sailboat masts just under her. I hope to capture the buildings in front of the s curve facing North. I also hope to show you everything else I find there and the stories and shots I did not even imagine. Because when you do stop and take the shot you want, that happens too. 

May we all make time to do that thing we wanted to do instead of half assing our shot and saying we tried. No.We.Didn't. "Didn't we?" some will ask.

Almost, but not quite. 

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