Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Not everyone gets to taste mortality. It tastes like rusty blood in your mouth as broken ribs constrict the lungs and a punctured lung leaves you unable to breathe. It feels like the warm flow of blood down your shirt as you realized the knife did not miss and consciousness slips from you. It feels like a clenched jaw and right arm seizing. I cannot speak to any of the other feelings and tastes that go with it. I can only go with the things that have I have experienced.

It is like a car wreck. You have a destination and a direction or just cruising in the journey of life and in a blink of an eye....a moment...the world changes. The trauma of just one moment of mortality can leave someone with PTSD, scars and other things that can last a lifetime. Those who have had more than one brush with the grim reaper see life differently. Sometimes the lens of life is so dark you wonder if the person is even human. Other times they live each day and moment and think that their dreams are worth the fight. 

The human spirit is a curious thing. No matter how dead you think you are inside, when the world changes in a second, you determine to live and all you think about is survival. You want to live to have another day and another moment.

You may think you are wrecked. But you fight on to live another day. But for what? To make money? To have a great job? To have a nice house? What matters? In those moments of mortality we fight to live for something that matters to live on and we forget the lesson too often and go back to the things that do not matter.

If you have a dream or a passion reach for it. Strive for it. Go for it. If there is someone you come home to, be it a lover or child(ren) or even a pet that mattered to you in that moment, make sure they know they are valued. Whatever it is that keeps you alive in the moment of the precipice of death or shines a light when things are dark, make sure that what you do in the day to day brings you closer to as opposed to further from.

All it will take is another moment or blink of an eye that you could be wrecked again. Don't lament the moments you did not take.

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