Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Magic Inside

The Magic Inside
Many will know immediately what this is. There are versions of Cinderella's Castle from visitors to Disney Land and The Magic Kingdom all over social media.

I did not have a tripod with me when I took the night shot, so I had to use railing and a steady hand and hope for the best.

I have been to the Magic Kingdom 4 times. I miss it terribly and used to tell people that when I am there, I am at my happiest.

It turns out, there is a hidden truth regarding this sentiment. As wonderful as Disney is, it is not their magic that makes me happy, it is the magic inside.

In my life, I have been happy at Disney World. I have been happy when in a relationship or on a date or making love or seeing my kid do something amazing and so forth. The laughter, the joy and the happiness came from within me. I do not need to travel to Florida  or have a candlelit dinner in a restaurant I can barely afford to find what is within me all the time.

These wonderful settings and beautiful spaces and moments give permission and invite what is already inside to come out. But I learned this last day that I can find that happiness in the midst of the struggles of life. I do not want to go into details, but this last day was really hard. In the middle of it I realized I could not change a thing about it. What I could do is laugh and have fun anyway. I determined to enjoy the moment and that is exactly what I did.

In the midst of a hard day I laughed and was whimsical. I had fun and enjoyed life. It was intoxicating. At the end of the day I had a migraine and the end result was what I knew the day was going to be, but I found the magic inside.

We will not always give that part of us permission to come out in a hard day. Most days and most circumstances, the surroundings will not invite the wonder to come out, we will have to give what is within permission to come out. When we do, there is no way to stop the magic inside.

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