Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Beauty of the Storm Clouds Against the Light in Life's Conrtrast

Beautiful Storm Clouds Against the Light: Life's Contrast
For the record. This photo contains no filters or post editing. It was not even cropped. It is as it was taken.

Storms and storm clouds and storms rolling in. We see a lot of these. In life, we weather a lot of these. This is not even the first time in this blog's short life span that I have spoken of storms with oncoming clouds. I do, however, think there is something we miss when we think of the storms of life.

There is beauty in life's storms. We miss it so often. 

It is in the midst of the storm that we learn who will stand with us when it gets scary and keep us calm or at least assure us it'll be all right. Who knows you are scared of lightning or will take delight with you in the noise of the rain on the roof? 

In the storms we find out that the structure we have built in our very lives is actually strong enough to take what the storm gives. When the storm passes, unless you are somehow reading this while dead, you are standing strong. 

Then, the storms end. The sunlight that reflected so colorfully off the storm clouds in this picture? When the storm calms, the sunlight pushes through again to shine radiantly upon us. The world seems to smell a little fresher after the storm, too. Fresh rain is beautiful and only comes after the rain and the storm. The water we feared gives life.

The storms are a part of the ecosystem of life. It helps us do so much. We know who the fair weather friends are and who will be with us when the sun gives way to the darkness. We learn we are stronger then we thought we were. The world seems fresh and fragrant when the storm passes. Overall, I would say that there is beauty in that. 

The beauty of the storm clouds against the light in life's contrast.

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