Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stop and Breathe

Stop and Breathe
We are surrounded by beauty and wonder every day that we do no see. It is not hidden, we are just moving like blur getting ot that very important thing that is stressing us out that we do not see.

Auntie Mame once gave the world wisdom when her character told us that, "Life is a banquet and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death."  We are starving with a feast before us.

The feast that we miss can be anything we are not stopping to take in or embrace and do. In this case, dusk was about to start and the lovely lights of the tower came on. My kid and I stopped because it was such a cool moment, everyone else is on their way to something. Here we are in one of the world's vacation capitals and people are huffing at me for stopping to look at something. They brought their iPhones, tight schedules and stress with them.

There are sunrises and sunsets to see, porches to sit on, hammocks to lay about in, wine to drink, movies in parks, plays and musicals with someone who turns your head or even a good friend. We live in one of the richest countries in the world and have some of the most diverse and robust variety of landscapes to view and we are blind to it all.

Somewhere, elk are cooling off in a lake wanting to amaze you, an ignored mountain is just sitting there (as it has for a long time) waiting to be looked at, a used bookstore or an antique shop is waiting for a treasure hunter to find something wonderful, and a park bench needs someone to keep it company and relax. There is so much right about us that we do not see.

If you are stressed. If you are confused. If you are so full you do not know which way is up and when the to do list will ever end. Stop and breathe. Then look around and see the beauty and the wonder that you were made to feast on. The work and the life will be there. But it is easier to do work when you have feasted and rested.

Don't work hungry, take in life.

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