Monday, April 18, 2016

Perspective Shift

Downtown Baltimore
Sometimes you need a perspective shift. Every year for two years now I go to Baltimore with my child to attend an anime convention. As a former cabbie, I am fascinated by gritty urban landscapes taken in Joliet. One evening while in Baltimore I decided I would do some of the same. I only took a few pictures of the urban landscape. It was too clean? I was in too good a mood to find the grit? I had a perspective change. 

I usually only have these perspective changes when I am in Colorado or Disney World. Baltimore is no cleaner or dirtier than Chicago or Joliet or any other average city in America. What was different was me. I was with my child who was having fun. I was surrounded by people celebrating art and imagination. I was at peace. The lens of my camera could only capture the lens of my heart. My heart only saw clean and pure contentment. 

Nothing in that moment had changed in my life. The bills were still there, the bank account was what it was. I still weighed the same. So much of my world was exactly as it was a few days prior. The only thing that changed was perspective, contentment and focus. 

I think one of these nights I would love to return to the dark streets where I shot some of my best gritty urban landscapes in the new perspective I have on life and see if the lens reflects differently. 

Maybe we all need a perspective shift where we are at. 

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