Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Getting There

Getting There
I love gardens and gazebos. This is from the bird conservatory in Joliet and I have lost count how many weddings I have officiated and or attended there over the years. I prefer it on days there are not weddings. Children run back and forth and you know the gazebo has become a fort or a castle or some other wonder. Young couples seem to see the romantic beauty that I do and they will enter together to stare at the garden or steal a kiss while holding hands.

In this case it is the path to the gazebo that fascinates me. There is a destination, the gazebo. To get to the destination you have to go through the trellis. There is a gate, if you will, that takes us to the destination.

This trellis is not fulfilling it's purpose. A trellis is not only a gate to a path to a destination. A trellis is so much more. It's lattice is supposed to be a supporting structure for something to grow upon, such as vines. Vines will grow, but if they have a structure to grow upon, they can take form and shape. The lattice does not create the growth, but it gives the growth structure. Without the structure there is a mass of uncontrolled mess on the ground.

We all need support to grow and the lattice of the trellis will complete the gate that will make the destination and path more lovely. We get that support from each other. We get that support from a philosophy. We get that support from many spaces, but wherever we get it from, we need it to grow upon. When the vine grows upon a structure, it flourishes and thrives. It becomes the beauty that makes the path to wherever we are going more beautiful. The growth is up to the vine, the lattice form merely helps it and supports it. We can be autonomous and still have support. That support can be friends, a belief, an idea and so many other lovely things.

Find your lattice, find your support. Grow, thrive, and make the path to the destination lovely and vibrant. 

You are getting there. We all are. We just need a little support to grow. 

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