Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beauty From Neglect

Beauty From Neglect
I am kinda a junkie for abandoned spaces. Ruins and assorted neglected areas fascinate me and I love to explore. It is not always safe and I do not recommend trying these things at home. For me, no trespassing signs are an invitation. Creaky floors and broken stairs in ruins no longer structurally sound may someday lead to a broken ankle, or worse. I am saving those pictures for another time and in another space, but many of my shots I do share reflect some of this.

I love how beauty comes after neglect almost without fail. 

When something is first neglected of care, it falls apart. As petty criminals realize it is ignored, they tag it with graffiti making the worn stone and concrete look even worse. Given enough time, though, nature does its thing and starts to grow from every crevice and crack and restore beauty. It is a process that takes time, but it happens. The things we build and neglect can only stand so long.

It is often the same with people.

When we suffer from neglect the signs of a crumbling spirit are apparent. We become weak and vulnerable to those who would further abuse us and leave their marks on us. It is almost like a shark smelling blood, they seem to instinctively know the signs of neglect and come to do pointless and horrible things for no good reason other than they can. The neglected and crumbling life now bears the marks of vandalism and is seen as less attractive and less beautiful. But then something amazing happens. Through the cracks and crevices of neglect, life can spring forth. If left alone and allowed sunlight and some rain, that life coming through the cracks will replace the crumbling structure we built and time will fade the marks on us to be replaced with lush beauty. The in between state is when we see the contrast of the crumbling neglect, the marks of abuse and the growing beauty that was within and could not be contained. 

If you have been neglected and your life feels like it is crumbling, if you bear the marks of reckless people who took advantage of that, be patient. Use the cracks and allow the beauty within to grow. It will replace what was with something amazing. It just takes time.

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