Friday, April 22, 2016

Be You No Matter How Weird That Is

The Comfortable Doctor
It is not every day you see someone looking remarkably like the tenth Doctor perched on a rooftop terrace 3 stories up in a downtown city for no reason. But when you do see that and you happen to have your camera, you take the shot. Whomever this young man is who has a great sense of balance, he looks genuinely comfortable and peaceful. 

I remember in life how many different versions there have been of me over the years. I was never comfortable as myself. So I pretended to be things I was not. I always tried to fit into molds that I thought others would prefer and accept. Sometimes that was my imagination and other times I got cues of the expectations I was to meet. Somewhere in life my give a damn broke. Oh, I still worry about what others think about me sometimes. I think we all do. I suspect body image issues, self esteem issues, and a feeling of being unworthy are normal in the course of the lives of many of us. 

I am at peace sitting in my boxers reading a book while listening to Coltrane with incense burning. This guy perches on rooftops looking like The Doctor. We are at peace. 

Whoever you are. Whatever you do to unwind. Be that. Be comfortable as that. Some are not gonna like it. Who cares? Well...we do care...but we need to stop that. 

Be you no matter how weird that is.

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