Tuesday, April 5, 2016

At Peace

At Peace
Life can get stressful and there seems to be no end to the struggle. The Haitians have a phrase for it. "Behind every mountain is another mountain." The struggle never ends. It just seems to go on and on and on. Maybe that is what life is. A series of struggles.

In therapy you learn coping skills. Hobbies, breathing exercises, aromatherapy and music to name a few. Music and parks resonates with me and has before I ever knew what coping skills were. I am not the only one. I remember being a teen and if one of my cousins or I had a rough time of it, we could find the other at the riverwalk wearing headphones attached to a Walkman.

A few years back when my marriage first crumbled and I no longer lived in the place I once called home, I did not tell anyone. I just kinda went silent. I grabbed my iPod and ear buds and went to the river walk. I sat on a bench and just looked at people as they walked their dogs, fed ducks and held hands. I had the music on loud enough to feel it but not drown out the sounds of the park. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I did not have to turn around to know who it was. The only person who would know where I was. I smiled, felt the weight leave my shoulders and knew that I it was going to be okay. Not that day, but someday. I was not ready to talk. I just wanted to sit and watch the people walk by. Alone, but among. I was at peace.

As I get older, I have gotten a little wiser. I do not only go to these spaces when I am in crisis mode. I go to them to stay relaxed. I learned this from my trips to Colorado. To walk about a lake and take in the mountains and the beauty of it all, not to deal with a crisis, but because the beauty and the serenity is there and I can be at peace.

Here, I do not have mountains or lakes with elk bathing in them. I do not have gas stations down the hill serving burritos for breakfast. I still have my music and the riverwalk. I have the noises of the river stream, the ducks, the chatter of people milling about, the smalls of local restaurants, trees and flowers, and I have the music to create a mood. I can find a space to sit and take it all in.

The current generation needs neither a Walkman or an iPod. A phone with earbuds has the music they desire. The park, however, still has the people, the dogs, the ducks, the smells, and the background noises. The more things change, the more some things stay the same.

The music and the serene settings do not remove the mountains in life. The situations do not change. The struggle remains. What changes is us. We find a respite and when we stop spinning and breath, we meet the moment and accept the beauty. The churning waters of our hearts are stilled.

For some we find peace in nature, for others music, some need a nice drive. Whatever it is that you do to find peace regardless the circumstances, make some time. Still the waters.

In those moments, we are at peace. 

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  1. Beautiful! It's good to have safe places to view the world before turning back to the mountains x


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