Friday, April 15, 2016

A Mother's Trust

Mama's Trust
For a time I had an amazing privilege. A friendship with a protective mother bird last Spring. The nest was originally more robust than this. I should know. I sat and watched day after day while she made the nest on my balcony. I saw the eggs in wait and the first noises of life when the babies hatched.

One night there was a horrible storm raging outside and there were tornado sirens going off. In the midst of all that, I suddenly wondered about the nest. Was it even still there? I went outside and was instantly soaked to the bone with the wind whipping at my face in such a manner as to tell me to get my ass back inside to shelter and safety.

Mama was nowhere to be seen and the nest was a LOT smaller. I peered inside and the babies were still there, hunkered down and chirping in fear. I ran back inside and grabbed whatever I could find and created a make shift wind shield.

When the storm passed I removed the canvas and was amazed what I put together held. The next morning I came outside to see how everything was and saw what you are seeing now. She let me come in close and take several shots like this that day. For the remaining time the family was on my balcony, I was allowed this close. 

Life is precious and a mother's trust is too.

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