Friday, March 4, 2016

What About Bob?

What About 
One night I had a marketing mission that was bestowed upon me. Part of it involved charming potential clients with special VIP passes to an enclosed area that had it's own band playing, free food, drinks and some of NASCAR's top drivers. Getting my hands on these passes took some charm and finesse, but I had them. They were the leverage to relationships that like an arranged marriage in a fucked up third world country could lead to mutual financial benefit.

I was having fun running about the race fan rally knowing I had golden tickets. Then I met Bob. I love skulls and the Jolly Roger. Bob had a skull ring that was almost exactly like mine. I commented on it and showed him mine and we got into a conversation. 

Bob is the same age as my father. Bob served in Vietnam and worked as a machinist most of his life. Now, in what should be his golden years to enjoy retirement with a juicy pension, he is barely hanging on. The pension was lost to some bad investments performed by young stock traders with no respect for the future of Bob and all his peers. Hardworking people who put decades of their lives and their bodies into a company in good faith that they would receive what was promised them. 

A worn out back, arthritic hands and a widower living in a cheap motel having to park his motorcycle blocks away from where he lives so that it does not get stolen. His Harley is his only luxury left in a world that abandoned him. Now, in all these trials and horrors he has faced, everything was all right. He smiled and laughed and enjoyed life and told me of his grand kids and told me stories of his wife when she was alive. We also spoke of sports and that led to NASCAR. His favorite driver was in the VIP section. I knew this, but Bob did not.

So I told Bob where his favorite driver was and gave him 2 VIP passes. He looked at me and his face lit up. Arthritic knees and a bad back practically skipped off. 

Later in the night I was walking by the VIP section. I saw Bob having a beer with his favorite driver. Both men were enjoying each other's company.

Bob had a good day. 

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