Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trying Too Hard

Trying Too Hard
So there was a time where I transitioned from my 35mm SLR to a digital SLR and a fresh copy of Photoshop. I was back to my passion of photography. One day I took a hike along the old canal trails in Lockport and came across a series of historic houses by the old boat yard. 

I carefully took each shot and then took the RAW files to my MacBook and fired up the Photoshop to start creating. 

I tried too hard. I used so many damn effects that I missed the beauty of the actual shot that I took.

Sometimes we all try too hard. We overthink. We take some imagined standard too far and miss what was actually done. 

I had a beautiful moment. I had a beautiful day. I had a calm in the storm of my life. As opposed to just enjoying that, I overthought in a mass of angst ridden post edit recreation. 

In life we will have moments that are just fine the way they are and we look back and overthink them or try to manipulate it into something else. 

Sometimes in this blog I try too hard. Often in life I do as well. When we do that, we are not ourselves, not truly.

Accept things as they are and do not try so damn hard. The ones who matter most do not keep score.

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  1. My favorite thoughts so far. Something I also need to keep in mind. Your words are encouraging. Looking forward to more.


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