Friday, March 25, 2016

Time Neglected

Time Neglected
Presence is a pretty popular concept right now. Like meditation and yoga, presence has been removed so far from it's roots and repackaged in such a manner that it can happen at your favorite zumba club for a fee. I am about to do the same thing, but I hope I honor the Buddhists who taught me how to embrace it and made me aware of how I neglect it.  

At it's core, presence is paying attention to life and appreciating it as it happens. We live so much of our life on auto pilot that we miss the moments. When we miss the moments we have neglected time. We have missed now. When things change we may look back upon the now we missed and wish we had spent more time aware of that moment. Enter the viscous cycle of time neglected. When we realized we missed moments and focus on those we missed, we are not seeing what is about us right now. 

So what? Regret, fear, anxiety and so much more comes from those moments where we compare the past or the future to now. We wish we had or had not, we worry that this may or may not happen. When we stay in what happened or worry about what may happen we neglect and miss what is happening. 

In my path of neglected time and neglected now, I have lived with regrets and anger with a dash of deep sadness. In that path I have also worried about tomorrow. In that state things got darker and darker. Then came the morning I woke up in a hospital bed and looked around gingerly feeling staples in the back of my neck. A nurse came in, saw my expression. As she checked my vitals she looked at me and simply said, "Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday." I stared at her blankly. "The good news is," she continued,"is that you are here now."

A few days ago I had a wonderful moment. That moment was tied into so much of my past, that had I focused on what happened, what was happening may never have gone the way it did and beauty would have been lost.

This moment matters. Right now. Every moment is precious time passing. Will we embrace it or neglect it?

Pay attention to life. Don't neglect it.

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