Monday, March 28, 2016

The Bridge Between Worlds

Bridge Between Worlds
Just so you know. This is an entire rewrite. I knew the picture was right, but what I wrote was wrong. All wrong. I was trying too hard. But I just finished a long conversation and now I know what to write.

This bridge is one of the busiest bridges in Joliet, Illinois. The canal divides one city into two with different identities. One is more suburban and middle class. The other side is more urban and lower class. One side has a pretty veneer or facade and is polite and the other side is raw and dangerous and honest. The bridge is how you get from one side to the other.

We are so much like that. We have different sides to our nature and at different points in life we are on different sides of the canal. We cross that bridge. When we are on the bridge, or even close to it, we can see both sides and we know that we have these two sides to us. Sometimes we raise the bridge to keep the sides separate and deny one side exists. We think we have two natures. But we are wrong. Just like this messy and beautiful city, we are one. We are diverse, we have different sides to us, but it is one person and to deny that is to deny ourselves.

We could gentrify and homogenize us, but like the residents of the city, we would diminish and harm and destroy a very real and lovely part of the diversity of us.

Stand on that bridge in your heart. Cross when you need to and accept that both sides are a part of you.

I will be honest. Sometimes the closer you are to the canal of the divide that is within you, it gets foggy and we often want things clear. But the demand for clarity is to deny the reality we live in.

We want things to be east or west, good or evil, black or white. Like most of my work, it is shades of grey and nuanced and sometimes a little blurry and out of focus.

As a long time resident near this city, I can tell you that the natures have changed over the years and there is no telling what the future will bring. The bridge has been there for over 80 years now and will continue as the natures of the two sides change.

Accept it and accept you. The bridge is meant to be crossed and there is only one you.

It's ok.

I promise.

Trust the whole of you and trust yourself.

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