Friday, March 18, 2016

Storm's A Comin'

Storm's A Comin'
First of all. I am going to make a confession. Though I was using one of my DSLR's in this shot, it was not composed well and I threw the rules out the window. My child and I were trying to get to cover along with others before the heaven's opened up and poured their fury on Walt Disney World. 

Storms in life are interesting, aren't they? You can be in what seems like a wonderland lost in the sunshine and joy. Then, you can feel a change in the air and see the clouds coming. Sometimes it is minor and passes swiftly, other times, you realize that this one will not pass easily and your very safety may be threatened. 

The moments of joy instantly turn to concern and anxiety as you seek shelter. In the middle of it, it can be terrifying and you wonder if it will ever end. The storm's always end. This storm that was a comin? It came, it was furious, and it passed. Later that night we had a wonderful dinner on a veranda and enjoyed the traditional parade and fireworks. 

When the air changes and you see the clouds rolling in, stay calm. It's hard, I know. Especially when loved ones are with you in the storm. Especially when there is fear of loss. If you can keep a cool head, you can find the shelter. It will end and you will enjoy the sunshine again.

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