Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Just Another...

Just Another Bridge
I once read an interview with Kevin Smith. He was talking about his movie Jersey Girl and how he stood behind it. He mentioned that one critic gave him flak for using the slow clap. His answer to that was essentially, "Yeah, I used the slow clap. But it was my slow clap."

This is just another bridge that I shot with just another filter that I used. Many others have taken pictures of bridges and filters, many of them may have even used this bridge in Lockport, Il. This, however, is mine and I rather like it.

Some of us may have written a sonnet with simple rhymes, a haiku, a 3 chord song, or many other oft used conventions. Some of us may have made mix tapes for a crush "back in the day". This list of examples could go on for paragraphs.

Now, back to the bridge. Bridges are opportunities to cross over into something new. Sometimes we do not know what is on the other side. Sometimes, we burn bridges in life. We see a lot of memes claiming that burning bridges will light my way forward. Maybe that is something that we have to do on occasion. I hope that is not the default position, though. In my life I have done it a few times. I have found myself trying to rebuild what I destroyed and it is difficult.

Leave the bridge there. You don't ever have to cross it again, but sometimes we find out that just another bridge is exactly the bridge we, and others, need.

Just another bridge.

Just another community.

Just another friend.

Just another job.

Just another girl.

Just another bridge...can be precious.

Less burning, please.

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