Monday, March 21, 2016

Ever Climbing

Stairway to Heaven
I love the urban jungles and alleyways. I wish I had a clear explanation as to why, but I find beauty in it all. Brick and limestone and steel and people and noise and trains and noises in the night. It relaxes me.

When I was in a darker space, I took this shot and called it stairway to heaven because it ended before the sky. It was also rusted and run down. It was not lost on me that fire escapes are about going down, not up. 

Our inclination is to climb. It is in our spirits and our hearts. We want to understand ore. We want to own more. We want to be more. Ever climbing and never stopping to find a moment of content and good enough. Maybe more stairways should have a peak so we can just stop and reflect.

Maybe if we recognized where we came from, we would be more proud of how far we have climbed and stick around where we are for awhile. 

Have a good week. Look around before the next climb.

1 comment:

  1. I like this one and the previous ones. I'm partial to steps that go upward, a path with an u known destination, and I like bridges, too. --David Mercer


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